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5 Tips on Aligning With Your Best Self in 2018


Finding the most simplistic ways to really be your best!

Hello Magnificent Soul!

You ended up clicking on this post for a good reason..

But even better, you are seeking your alignment with all that you deserve, and all that you KNOW is yours for the taking.

I totally get it.

The reality of the physical sometimes puts in a place of confusion, and anxiety.

But, it can become fairly simple when we implement these 5 tips, consistently.

Because, after all its MIND over MATTER, right? Right!

Tip #1- Realize Your Story IS your blueprint to success. Ok, You’re probably thinking this is absurd! However those things you found joy and pleasure in as a child were no coincidence. I have found that EVERYTHING I loved to do as a child, are things that really do set my soul on fire. They are they EXACT things that you should pursue. Other than that, I’m a believer that growing up with a lack of love, only positions us to be a giver of love. Growing up feeling unworthy, points us in the direction of making sure others feel seen. Our story, truly positions us for GREATNESS if we let it. Will you?


Tip # 2- Be Ok With Being Alone & Silence. The truth about loneliness, is that it’s not really true. You ARE not the only one who’s been through a bad life, or has experienced some pretty tough situations. Often than not, we feel lonely in our pursuit of life. But I offer you this… When you spend time alone; figuring out who you are, investing in things that light you up, and seeking YOUR truth. YOU FIND IT. But, when we choose company because it makes us feel safe, or comfortable.. we can easily sacrifice who we are by giving in to anyone who’s willing to fill that space. Silence… Oh how I love thee. Silence quiets out all the noise, because 90% of the time we are beating ourselves up, and haven’t learned how to tune that negative voice out. But, you must! Wouldn’t you rather listen to songs of praise in your head? Well… Begin with silence via meditation!


Tip # 3- Seek The GOOD daily. Based on tip #1 & tip #2… can’t we find proof that life can be pretty crappy? Yup! But, does that position grant us power or pain? There’s something called “defining beliefs,” dubbed by Laura Bergman-Fortgang.. Which are beliefs so steeped in evidence that they shape who we are. However, they don’t allow you to grow or expand. For example.. we’ve all been hurt by someone we’ve trusted… We can agree on that, right? But, instead of focusing on “them” and how “people can’t be trusted”, or “the one’s closest to you will hurt you the most.” Let’s switch that voice to.. “I trust myself to align with those that align with me and my values.” Because when we make life about “them,” we never truly gain OUR power. So, daily seek the good in the world, it will assist you in breeding more good.


Tip # 4- Do Things That Scare You. Ok, this can be cliché or liberating depending on how much you will allow this to resonate with you. Things that scare us often provide the examples of how amazing we really are. Ask anyone who’s been sky diving. Were they scared? Hell YES! However, if you ask them if they’d do it again.. they will say yes! Why? Because FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) is simply non-existent. It’s simply in how you are viewing a particular situation, usually mixed with overthinking, and doubting YOUR ability. Once we do ONE thing that scares us, it gives us the motivation to do more things that scare us. So, keep building up your muscle by seeking the things you are avoiding based on fear. Unless you’re in real danger… theres no need to fear things like job interviews… Ya know?


Tip # 5- Speak Positively To & About Yourself. If you’re the person who complains constantly about yourself, you hesitate when others compliment you, and you simply cannot see how magical you are… PLEASE STOP. HOW?! Well… writing daily affirmations surrounded around your truth, becomes a tool that creates new beliefs within your mind. Plus, writing in itself can be even more powerful than speaking because you are re-programming the thoughts that you carry deep in your mind. The same thoughts that keep us paralyzed when we know we need to change. Stuck in relationships that are dead ends, and not showing up in the world 100% ourselves. Truth is, when you Love & Aceept yourself like Kanye… there’s not a soul that could break you down. Because after all hurt people hurt people, and healed people heal people. Feel me?

There’s so much more I could give you about being your best self, but these tips have personally helped me transform my life at the very roots. Understanding that my mind is absolutely the MOST important tool I will ever invest in; I understand the value of improving my life via thought. You too, can implement these changes to view life from a seat that brings you more join than pain.

As Always With Love & Light!💕✨

Leave me your comments and feedback as I am here to support you on this amazing journey called Life!


Ebony M. Tutora




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Ebony Tutora is a revolutionary thinker and creator. Her purpose and passion is to share her truth authentically via transformational Life Coaching, so that others who have faced the same struggles can be inspired to know there is hope. With a passion to teach about self worth, and finding it so we can find our purpose; she has done this through her empowerment brand Queens Recognize Queens®. Giving others a platform to gain clarity around who they are, by encouraging them to harness the divinity within.

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