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Am I Allowed To Feel Sad, If I Am Happy?


Accepting Your Emotions, Even When You Are Happy

When you have a personal battle with mental health; for example anxiety or depression, more often than not, the goal is to achieve some form of happiness. Feeling happy in your mind and soul, to your self image and career, but mostly feeling happy with your life. It is an ultimate goal that takes a lot of work, loving yourself and acceptance. But, it can most definitely be done!

So, what happens to your other emotions, when you reach happiness?

Well, when you are lucky enough to have worked through your struggles and find a happy place in life, things feel much lighter. You learn to worry less and become very accepting of change. Many people with anxiety struggle with change, as it causes an imbalance to the norms, that they have become accustomed to. When you are able to let go and ‘go with the flow’, there is a feeling of ease and calm that overcomes your whole being. It makes the world seem like a far better place and relieves you of immense stress and weight from your shoulders. It can almost feel like looking back at your past self, is unrecognisable, in comparison to the reflection in the mirror you see today. However, there can be a strong urge to want to block out, or turn a blind eye to other feelings, or emotions, that could potentially compromise the happiness you are feeling.

What should you do?

Allow yourself to feel those other emotions. You are human and being human means feeling. Feeling all emotions and connecting with other people through those feelings. It is ok to be a happy person and at the same time acknowledge pain, when something is sad. That does not mean you are now a sad, or depressed person, because you cried at a sad story. It does not mean you need to diagnose yourself with a severe condition, because you shed a tear. The human body has a natural instinct to feel emotions. Therefore, embrace that. It is ok to react and have days that are not 100% filled with complete happiness.

As much as an ideal of living in complete happiness might sound, we need other feelings. We need other emotions. Disney Pixar even made a film about the importance of emotions; such as sadness! It makes our life interesting, it grounds us and connects us all to each other. To be able to have empathy, compassion and love, no matter what – especially in a time where the world has so much hurt and pain happening, it is so important. Being united as a human race, can only work with showing love and feeling for one another. That does not mean your happiness should be diminished, or that your mental health has taken over your life. It means you are able to acknowledge life around you and it shows you are human.

Don’t feel guilty, or worry if and when sadness enters your life. Accept it, acknowledge it, feel it and know that life is still good. Your happiness is still there.

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A free spirit who loves to write, sing, create and share with the world through words, positive thinking and good vibes. My articles on here are heavily focused on positive thinking, creativeness and mental health.

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