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A Strong Woman is Hard to Love


She is breathtaking. She is effortlessly beautiful. She radiates. She glows. Her confidence is alluring. She is the best combination of lovely and scary as hell. Some are drawn. Some are derailed. She only lets the brave in, and she will decide if she lets you in. After all, she is the strong one.

Sound like a woman you know? I just described a friend whose so beautiful and inspiring. She is recently separated from her husband. Friends and her spouse are caught up in the details of ‘why’ the split. But I know the real reason, the reason she is not said aloud. Her spouse does not even know. He knows, she holds herself to the upmost standard, above all the rest. Her standards are high, nearly attainable. What he is unaware of is, she unknowingly holds him to this standard as well. He has been set up for failure from the start. Yes, his actions are the reason for their despair on paper. However, has she been so hard on herself for so long that when she projects it on him, he can not handle it. Does she even know how tough she truly is? She is running far from him, smiling along the way and not showing any sign of sadness. She is the strong one. He is puzzled. He has the whole relationship on rewind. He feels lost.

She’s like a hurricane- makes her own path and builds from the destruction.

Can she show him grace? Can she show herself grace? This would require a confident woman to humble herself and that does not feel strong, but it is. In her mind, she associates humbling herself with weakness. Could she be wrong? She is always praised for her many accolades. She is not accustomed to others finding fault with her. Deep within, she is terrified to look inward, to think it may be her. It feels as if it would change everything for her, and that is the scariest thing for a strong woman. She has all the power. She has all the strength. Wonder what decision she will come to?

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I write because I'm human. I've hurt more than I can imagine and built myself back up more times than I've wanted to. I'm just like you. Getting my healing one word at a time.

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