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Up the Hill

There are a few ways to look at life. At the beginning of life, we are trained to say: this is the hill. I’m going to push something up that hill. I’m going to conquer that hill. That hill is mine for the taking. I am that mountain, and I will own it. Well pretty soon, after you climb and climb and figure out that exact place where you wanted to boulder isn’t so special, then you start to think. Hey, maybe I should let the boulder (aka the flow of my life) go where it needs to go.

You Can’t Fight The Heavens

At that point, when you realize that you can’t beat life at its own game, you let the boulder roll down the hill itself. Run, run and down it goes; all the while you are chasing after it and trying to nudge it from side to side as it rolls. Yes, this is a much better strategy, as you are now trying to move with the flow and just correct it when it gets off course. Although it’s still very exhausting. You still are thinking that you completely control your fate and are micromanaging the here and now instead of letting it be what it wants to be.

If your life wants you to be a warrior, then maybe heaven wanted you to be a warrior. If the heavens send you mentors or opportunities in some direction, then there is usually a reason. You cannot fight against your fate. Your fate will usually win. It will take you somewhere or it will kill you if you let the dark side take you instead. These are the only possible options: a sub-par fate, an amazing fate or death.

Ditch Digging

Now to get to the amazing end of the boulder challenge you will have to do something very crazy. You will have to be so spiritually in tune that you see where the boulder is heading, days, months, weeks ahead and you move in front of it to dig a ditch and prep the path that you would like it to take. Will this guarantee success? Not always, but it is what masters have always tried to do.

Look so far ahead that they know what they need to do before anyone else ever thought that they need to do it. That is where we get the phrase, ahead of their time. It means, they saw the future and responded to the needs that would arise, instead of the needs of today. This is what I would like to do, but if you get stuck in the emotional body, that will keep you in the present at best or the past at worst. This is why emotional development and maturity are so important. They keep us from developing these keen and crucial faculties of spiritual development.

So I say look ahead, there is a ditch to dig, and a few potholes to fill up…

Happy shoveling and much love A



Austin is an experienced Astrologer, Numerologist, and a veteran Tarot Card Reader. ( (And more recently a veteran Cajun Relief Member... He has also studied the occult sciences for the past six years. Austin’s spiritual quest began at the age of 19 when his father died. This tremendous loss filled him with grief and led him down a negative land self-destructive life path. After immersing himself in the way of Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality he discovered Meditation and the Hermetic Arts and was guided out of the darkness that had befallen him. It was precisely at this time that Austin learned a valuable life lesson about how he could help himself. He realized that the only way to make life a rich, rewarding adventure was to help others. Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology offered him a new avenue that enriched his quest of making a positive difference in other people’s lives. This holistic approach gave him a thirst for self improvement and led him to become a Tai Chi and Chi Gong practitioner; and instilled in him a deep love for nature. All his life experiences and accomplishments gave him a personal philosophy: in order to make life rewarding he needed to do his part to make the world a better place and in order to make the world a better place he needed to help others because helping others was really all about healing himself. This personable, caring, authentic behavior is what separates him from other practitioners in the field. Book a session with Austin and experience an immediate, positive shift in your life. Be prepared to ask the deeper questions about where you truly want your life to go. Astrology, tarot, and numerology allowed Austin a new avenue of expression and a way to make a positive difference in others’ lives. He is also a Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner, in addition to having a deep love for nature. His personable, caring, authentic manner is what separates him from other practitioners in his fields. Book a session with Austin and experience an immediate shift in your life. Be prepared to ask the deeper questions about where you truly want your life to go.

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