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Have you planned your 2018? 4 steps to get your goal-setting sorted?


Getting a good understanding of what you want from 2018 is a great way to get your mojo back and 'get your head right' for the year.

This time of year is an interesting blend of opportunity and excitement for getting a fresh start in the new year, but also a few scoops of the more sober, sinking sensation of slipping out of holiday mode and back to reality (yuk!).
So, before the office fills up with people and workload…

Here is a 4 step process to do so:
1. Look at all aspects of your life with this holistic planning tool.  A template for looking at your life as a whole and from all aspects. Click here

2. Where do you get your Soul Food?
What activities make you feel alive and fuel your fire? Are you giving these enough emphasis in your life? We need to understand these and make them a priority. Click here

3. Bring it together in this goal-setting template.
Bring all the elements together and set some realistic and focused goals down on paper. Click here

4. What NOT to do when goal setting
Some good advice I read in Bryan Ward’s Third Way Man newsletter ( I have pulled out a couple of pointers and quotes that really resonated with me.
  • Setting goals that are too realistic
The SMART goal setting template instructs us to be realistic, but in being realistic we run the risk of drumming down our perspective on big growth. So set your eyes higher in 2018. Take your “big” goal and 10X it.
  • Playing unwinnable games
In Bryan’s words: ‘When you fail to approach the challenge from a place of brutal honesty about where you actually are and where you actually want to be, you end up creating an unwinnable game: a goal plan you’re extremely unlikely to succeed with because you can only win through herculean effort and dramatic personal change.’
  • Goals with arbitrary time-frames
Set deadlines on your actions and not on end-states. Bryan again: ‘This is another SMART goal disservice. In my experience, the timing of goal achievement is often unpredictable: you never know when your course of action will trigger a goal. Set aggressive deadlines on your ACTIONS, not the goal achievements those actions are directed at.’
  • Motivating yourself with desire rather than dissatisfaction
Knowing what you desire can be great to inspire you to act, but what’s far more effective is dissatisfaction. There is power in knowing where you want to move FROM (not always looking at where to go TO). We can get a stronger push of impetus from things that we categorically know we do NOT want in our lives, than by looking at lofty ‘nice to have’ goals that would be cool to work towards.
Give some thought to:
‘What will you no longer tolerate in your life?’
  • Making goals with things you need to cut out of your life
Linked to the above- get a list of those bad boys that you need to shed from your life and add them to your list of goals. As important as knowing what you want, know what you don’t want as well.
  • Chasing blue sky goals too early
Again, be careful of what you put down in your planner. Big goals are great, but you need to see some of the staircase to the goal.
Don’t expect a helicopter to land in your lap this year.
Create goals which will see both massive personal growth and effort, but with a course that can be plotted given resources you can rely on.

It is always a good time to have some goals down on paper, so go for it in week 1!

Good luck…and here’s wishing an amazing 2018 for you and your loved ones!

Goal-setting 2018
Goal-setting 2018
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