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Advice to younger self


"Believe in love, even when it seems like the enemy..."

You’re going to be tested and sometimes it means hurt comes with the package.

But something great will come from it. I know it doesn’t make sense right now, that comes later.


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Hi my name is Wale.

articles on Absence


Introducing Unrequited

The words you’re about to read are important to me. Here’s why: I always...

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I’m Sick of Sending Thoughts and Prayers.

How many of our thoughts and prayers do we have to send to victims...

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Latest: Feelings

A Fresh Perspective for 2018

I sat by my mom’s bedside stewing in anger to see the monitors and the woman I need most...

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The Majestically Hidden State of the Music Industry

An evolution in the consciousness of music. In any industry, you will have whats called a 40-40-10-10 rule. This...

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Why Discipline is the Key to Economic Freedom…

When you start to talk discipline in our society, people generally like to hit the snooze button in their...

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