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” Success In Life Comes From How Well We Handle Transition. ”  -Michelle Daniels


As a Life Coach working with various clients; what I’ve found interesting is, the majority naturally desire ultimate success in life.. but unfortunately.. not near as many are fully able to obtain that level of success.

Why is that?

Well, for starters, I set out a mission, to dig deep into some of the “hidden” issues that many don’t like to talk about, and others may not even initially see when it comes to this particular topic. I’ve personally sat with those who have had nothing to show (as far as success) as well as those who have it all; and I’ve been able to conclude (based on an accurate observation) that the difference between those who categorize themselves as “failures” vs those who are clearly wildly successful, boil down to one main thing…


Change. Movement. Adaptability. The ability to rebuild and restore after hitting “rock bottom” is what truly separates the wildly successful from the unsuccessful. You see.. by no means is real success (in any area of life easy) Many 0f us have a preconceived notion of what success “should” look like, and 9 out of 10 of us are absolutely incorrect.

A slogan I use often is “I’ve failed my way to success” because that’s exactly the thing that has lead me to Success in every area. Failure. Now.. to delve deeper.. the reason discovered why most never truly succeed is because they are extremely afraid to fail, so they shrink back, and “play it safe” instead! Playing it safe will never lead anyone to the fulfillment of success. Now read that again. Isn’t that something?! The one thing most people fear, is the one thing that will actually lead you to success if you allow it to.

I believe sharing this level of perspective is what causes a mind shift to take place for the better.

Does failure feel good? Of course not!

However, failures in our lives are learning curves for growth, and when we can view it from that way, it completely changes the game.

Below I am sharing 3 keys to help with transitioning into success in any area of life:


  1. Let go of what you can not control:  This is a big one. As a being who has the ability to create many amazing things for self, I personally understand why this can be such a challenge. Most of us want things to go the way the we envision (in any area) But that is not always so. Oftentimes life  will deal you a hand that you didn’t even see coming (at all) and you are left to do something with it. Some give up, some give in, but I am encouraging neither one. Life  has taught me that we can not control everything that comes our way, but we can always (ALWAYS) Control ourselves as well as our response. When we release the inevitable.. we open up opportunity for the Incredible.
  2. Adapt and Adjust: Learning this technique is another crucial key. Oftentimes transition is inconvenient and very uncomfortable. Growth (in any area of life) has never been an easy process, so having the ability to adapt to foreign changes is ultimately beneficial. Going against the grain with growth as well as with any type of unforeseen life change; makes life that much more complicated. The goal with transition is to allow it to flow as seamlessly as possible.
  3. Embrace the inevitable: Truth is.. When much is given.. much is required. For those of  us who desire more out of life, it is only wise to realize that more comes with a cost. It would be outright silly of us to think that we can acquire more out of life, by staying the exact same! Just won’t work. Anyone with goals should never take them lightly, however, it is imperative to understand that transition must occur in able to evolve. Preparing to embrace that is a super juicy key! Those who desire change will (inevitability) have to go through change (transition) themselves. Embracing that inevitable change (no matter how uncomfortable) it is, will always set you apart from a mediocre lifestyle.

Always remember.. Transition is the vehicle that moves us from failure to success. For anyone currently enduring a transitional time (that may not be the easiest) in their life; please understand one thing: You have what it takes to overcome! Apply this wisdom to your life, and literally watch how fast your life will change in the right direction! Wishing you all the BEST, Plus Great Success! 🙂








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