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” Peace is the attribute that strengthens unity. One of the reasons why peace is considered priceless. ” – Michelle Daniels


We live in a day and age where peace is extremely prominent. Not only for our entire world (as a whole) but also for our homes, and even more, inner self. As a life coach, my goal is to consistently form a bridge that will fill the gap, and allow others to cross over in able to find their way.

Having said that..

It is imperative to understand one thing.

Peace is indefinitely priceless.

Just even through personal experience, Life has taught me that with peace, you can accomplish just about anything, but without it.. It’s almost impossible to successfully accomplish  pretty much anything.

Look at it this way..

Peace is definitely like an ally..

And it is needed in able to become successful in any area of life.

Peace is like a pathway that can (and will) lead any relationship, and/or partnership to everlasting success (including with self)

Remember that.

With peace comes a level of freedom combined with strength that can help anyone sustain even the the greatest challenges in life.

Here’s the most vital key though.

Obtaining and maintaining peace begins and ends with self.

That’s right.

When one is fully at peace within, you then begin to attract beautiful things in life (including beautiful friends.)

If by now you are extremely excited to begin a new journey in life starting with self (by inserting peace) I’d love to share with you three powerful keys that have truly helped me (and others) to succeed:

  1. Higher Power: First and foremost.. It is imperative to understand that the power of peace (in general) comes from someplace (as all things do.) All things manifest from somewhere. Peace is an attribute, a supernatural virtue that is extremely impactful once it’s possessed. No one can just walk into a grocery store and purchase a package of peace; so it should be understood that in able to posses it.. one must be willing to open their mind, and spirit to the Higher Power (God) and self.
  2. Prayer: Once your mind (and spirit) is open to the source that distributes perfect peace; then it is imperative to learn how to access that peace. In the most simple form, prayer activates peace. Anytime you find yourself in a challenge or a  “sticky situation” in life; Reaching out to that Higher Power (God) and and asking him for help as well as guidance should always (at some point) lead to peace. Peace follows prayer. Remember that.
  3.  The Enemy: Just as everything else good in life, wherever you find good, there is also a force of darkness that aims to come against it. As precious and priceless as peace is, it also comes with a “hater”. Being able to recognize, and identify that hater is what will help any seeker of peace overcome. The enemy of peace is stress, which ultimately determines how one handles the situations and circumstances of life. With peace, we experience a state of relaxation, which allow the right things naturally to flow.. Stress causes panic, which creates a blockage from the natural goodness to flow. All in all (in short) prayer builds peace, and kills stress. This is how we grow from mediocre to the BEST. Get aware. Stay empowered.

I personally want to wish any and every reader of this article a lifetime of peace, and less stress; so that they might experience their very best. God Bless.. 🙂


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